Domestic Cleaning in Surbiton

Domestic Cleaning Services Surbiton

Surbiton is rich in diverse architecture, lifestyles and free time activities. When you are living the south London life to the fullest, there is no time to waste on mundane chores, and we at Halina’s cleaning services understand that completely.

That’s why we are here to take care of your boring tasks and day to day tidying up processes for you. For every residential cleaning trouble and problem, we provide the most efficient and flexible solutions to all homeowners across South London. Our domestic cleaning service is the best maid service in all of Surbiton! 

Whether you want someone to clean up the mess after a party or a get together, or you want a regular domestic help to share your workload with, our service will be best suited and tailored to your needs. 

What can we do for you? 
Our experienced and trustworthy team of cleaners in South London will help you with quality services, whether they be regular tenancy cleaning, occasional domestic cleaning sessions or simply a one-off cleaning service. A few examples of what we can do for you are listed below: 

Full house cleaning: Our domestic help workers are trained in all kinds of house cleaning jobs. Whether you have a single floor or multiple floors in your house, they will be able to clean all of it efficiently. Whether you have a single bedroom place or a multiple bedroom house, our cleaners are ready to wipe off the entire place in one go. 
Floor Polishing and Scrubbing: Our cleaners will mop all kinds of floors from wooden to hard floors to tiled floors and will vacuum where needed. They will polish the floors and make them shine bright! 

Mop Hallways and Staircases: Our team will wipe all reachable surfaces, clean the skirting boards and bannisters, and mop and vacuum the floor. 

Bathroom cleaning: Cleaning sinks, toilet, toilet lids and aerators, de-scaling faucets or showerheads throughout the house, wiping all reachable surfaces, cleaning bathtub or shower cabin, polishing bathroom mirrors, dusting off doors and handles- you name it, we do it!

What our customers say about us?

I have been using Halina's Cleaners for over 8 years and I am very impressed by their professionalism and standard of services . I would recommended them to anyone, both business...Rayendran G.
Are you looking to hire us once or on a regular basis?
Kitchen cleaning: Have you been putting off cleaning your kitchen until it becomes a complete necessity and your oven has started to give smoke signals? We have got you covered! Washing dishes, cleaning the microwave, oven cleaning, kitchen tables and furniture cleaning, wiping all reachable surfaces, kitchen floor vacuuming and moping- we will do all sorts of tidying up to make your kitchen look neat and clean again!

Bedrooms cleaning: From changing bed linens to dusting all accessible surface, we will deeply clean every inch of your bedroom. All of your furnishings, door frames, windows, light switches, doors, door handles, floors and carpets will be cleaned by our professional cleaners. They won’t leave a speck of dust behind!

We are just a phone call away! Contact us now and book our services.