Domestic Cleaning in New Malden

Domestic Cleaning Services New Malden

Everyone who lives in New Malden knows how dynamic and beautiful life in this suburb of south west London can be. With its very own swimming pool, gym and workout complex, the Malden sports center is a dream come true for all sporty souls. The well thriving karaoke bars are also no less fun in the suburb full of activities to do!

So stop wasting your energy on mopping your floors and calling vacuuming the workout of the day and go have some actual fun. Leave all of your tidying up business on the best domestic cleaners in south London, Halina’s Cleaners! We will take care of your place for you, the way you want it. 

What type of services can we provide? 
One-off Specialist Cleans: For our one off cleaning service, we will send our best team of expert cleaners equipped with all the necessary tools to tidy up your entire place. They will do a thorough clean from one corner to the other, leaving no space untouched. Our cleaners are dedicated to provide you with the best results. 

Window cleaning solutions: Polishing, wiping, dusting, you name it! We will make your glass window or any other kind of windows look as good as new, and clean the window panes and frames as well. It is time to say good bye to all of the dust that is stuck in your window frames. 

Best end of tenancy cleanings: Are your tenants leaving and have left a mess for you to clean? Do you have new tenants arriving soon and want to restore your house or apartment back to its perfect condition? Halina’s cleaners is once again here for your rescue! We will perform a thorough deep clean of the entire place and leave no speck of dust behind. Your furniture, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, oven, carpets and windows will all be ready to welcome your new tenant!

What our customers say about us?

I have been using Halina's Cleaners for over 8 years and I am very impressed by their professionalism and standard of services . I would recommended them to anyone, both business...Rayendran G.
Are you looking to hire us once or on a regular basis?
Spring cleaning: Spring it that time of the year when flowers bloom, birds chirp, and your house needs another thorough cleaning. Don’t want to waste your time scrubbing floors in the beautiful London springtime weather? Don’t worry! Halina’s Cleaners have got you covered. We will clean your entire place in no time and make it as fresh and beautiful as the springtime outside! 

Oven cleaning: Have your baking endeavors made a mess out of your oven? Is spilt cake batter, dripping cheese from that lasagna or an old grease stain is ruining your oven? We have got the solution to all these problems! Halina’s domestic cleaners not only provide kitchen cleaning services but we will also clean your oven entirely, make all the stains and dust disappear and get it ready for yet another baking adventure!  

Contact us now for the above mentioned examples or any other type of cleaning or ironing services. Spotless cleaning will walk to your doorstep!